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What is a Water Treatment System?

To fix their water problem, many Florida residents (and home owners world wide) purchase water treatment systems. 

System Components

Ion Exchange Filter.  A proper system will use an ion exchange filter.    This removes the hardness of the water (the effect of calcium and magnesium), and leaves it soft.  Soft water does not leave a hard crust inside your water pipes or appliances, or on the surfaces of sinks, tubs, toilets, faucets, and shower walls. Soft water leaves your skin soft and smooth, and your hair silky and shiny. Soft water mixes easily with pure soap, and washes out cleanly, so no expensive conditioners or harsh detergents are needed for healthy hair and skin.  Soft water with pure soap cleans laundry, rinses out well, and leaves clothes soft and comfortable, without causing skin conditions.

trades the ions of sodium for the ions of calcium.   The net result is a displacement of the calcium off of the resin into suspension in the brine solution.   The resultant solution is them backwashed out under great force into either a sewer, septic, or even to the street curb.

Carbon Filter. A proper water treatment system also contains carbon particles or a carbon block to absorb odors such as chlorine, to remove other pollutants, and to the water taste good.  The carbon is sometimes in a separate tank, particularly in well systems.  Sometimes it is mixed in with the ion exchange resin beads.

Drinking Water Filter.  An additional item that is important in a water treatment system is a drinking and cooking water filter.  The best kind is a membrane filter that uses reverse osmosis to allow the pure water to pass through the membrane, but blocks out all bacteria and other particles. 

Pathogen Filter.  Some equipment suppliers also recommend an ultra-violet light to kill any remaining microbes, such as viruses, in the water before supplying it for drinking. I think this is an overkill in residential areas with municipal or county water supplies, but it is not a bad idea in rural areas serviced by wells.

Brine Tank.  A brine tank is needed to hold blocks or bags of salt with a little water in the bottom of the tank to melt the salt and produce brine.  The system uses the brine to back-flush the resin tank in order to regenerate the resin beads before they become unable to soften the water through ion exchange.

Other Filters or conditioners (for well systems).  All well systems should have a chlorinator and a settling tank to kill pathogens in the ground water.  The carbon filter removes bad tastes.  The chlorinator removes the bad sulfur taste.  But additional equipment is needed to remove iron and manganese.  These conditioners contain chemicals that must be replenished from time to time


The system is normally installed in a garage or just outside the garage where the water main enters the house from the meter.  The installer will shut off the water supply, cut its pipes, and plumb the system into the existing pipes.  Some situations may require a lot of plumbing work.  In some cases the installer will bury the system up to the valve so that it can barely be seen.  The installer then loads the brine tank with salt, turns on water, and verifies there are no leaks and the system valve cycles properly. Some installations may require that the hot water heater be reduced in temperature.

System Configuration and Operation

The typical water softener system consists of a resin tank (the softener), a carbon tank, and a brine tank, interconnected with plumbing pipes and a bypass valve. The ion exchange filter is a bed of "cation" (pronounced cat-i-on) resin beads in a tank.   As supply water flows into the resin tank,  the resin beads attract calcium and magnesium ions from the water, thereby softening it.  Some resin beds have different kinds of beads in them for attracting ions from other minerals.   After a while, the resin beads have exchanged ions as much as they can, and must be "regenerated". 

The system performs a regeneration by positioning a valve at the top of the resin tank in order to flows brine water into the resin bed from the brine tank.  The sodium atoms in the brine water regenerate the resin beads.   After a little soak time, the brine is flushed out of the resin bed by fresh water, and discharged into the yard, a gutter, or the sewer. Then the system switches the valve back to normal operation. 

The valve is controlled either a electro-mechanical timer or by an electronic timer.  The electronic timer is preferable because it can sense the hardness of the water and activate the recharging process at the right times. 

Some manufacturers provide very exotic recharge cycles that do a little recharging every day or so, a more efficient process than doing it all at once. Recharging is done at night when the residents are asleep and not likely to use the water.  Regeneration water tastes unpleasant because it is salty.  But after the regeneration cycle, it tastes perfect.

Some manufacturers provide water softener tanks that contain both resin beads and carbon nuggets or crystals. Such tanks remove chlorine and other pollutants at the same time the water is being softened.  Some manufacturers also provide special "polishing" resins that remove organic carbon compounds and acids from the water.


Rejuvenates Plumbing.  Over a period of time, the soft water, as it flows through appliances and water pipes, will gradually erode the calcium/magnesium deposits inside the water pipes and appliances, and wash them away.  In this way, soft water rejuvenates appliances, fixtures, and pipes.  It cannot, however, repair damage from corrosion.  Otherwise, it actually saves you money on maintenance of appliances and plumbing.

Periodic Maintenance.  System owners must maintain their water treatment systems in order to enjoy continued, efficient operation.  By far the easiest and safest way to do it is to pay a qualified dealer for that service.  Maintenance includes adding sodium or potassium chloride (salt) to the brine tank (available at Home Depot, Sears, and other hardware stores), adding other chemicals, calibrating and setting the timer mechanism that operates the control valve, verifying that the system valve cycles properly, and verifying the components are not leaky or defective.

Replacement of Worn Components.  After several years of operation, the resin beads and/or carbon crystals will need to be replaced.  The resin beads in Rainsoft systems are of the highest quality available and they never need to be replaced.  However, water running through the resin beads and carbon crystals causes them to rub against each other and wear down out over time.  So, you should expect to have them replaced every 2 or 3 years (in cheap systems) or 5 to 15 years (in high-quality systems).

In addition, mechanical timers may last only 5 years, and will need to be replaced, as will the control valve on cheap systems.  Rainsoft valves are guaranteed for your lifetime.

You should expect to spend between $100 and $200 a year for maintenance services.


The Cleaning Power of Pure Water

What is Pure Water?

Most people have never seen or used pure H20 (water). Pure H20 water is a molecule made of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.  As you know from personal experience, water bonds easily with all kids of things such as dirt, dust, food, grit, and grime.  You also know it bonds easily with other elements such as sodium chloride (salt water), and calcium and magnesium (hard water). This makes it an excellent cleaning agent because its bonding properties allow you to use it to wash clothes and dishes, and to bathe yourself clean.

Pure water is uniquely different from normal water we have been discussing.  Normal water has many elements already combined with it, which is the reason for needing a water treatment system.  But pure water has nothing bonded with it. As far as I know, it does not exist in nature.  In order to obtain pure water, scientists and engineers must develop equipment to purify it.  The water treatment systems available for homes represent some of their achievements.

But they have gone much further than that. Total Organic Carbon (TOC) is a term for a variety of organic compounds that must be removed in order for water to be useful for semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries.  Special multi-level membrane filters and resins have been prepared for that purpose.  The water that results from those processes in nearly 100% pure.  It is so pure that it is almost caustic when it comes into contact with foreign substances.  It immediately begins to bond with them so quickly and thoroughly that it can break down and remove oils and sludge that even normal soapy water cannot break down. 

In fact, one of the reasons for soaps is to improve the ability of impure water to bond with other substances and wash them away.

If you have a water treatment system with a high-quality softener and reverse osmosis filter, the water that system produces is quite pure compared to normal water.  It is so pure that it is, all by itself, an excellent cleaning agent.

The Butter Test

You can prove this for yourself.  Buy a bottle of AquaFina or Daysan pure water.  Get a kitchen sponge and rinse it thoroughly with the water.  Then wipe the end of a stick of butter on your oven or microwave glass door.  Now wet the sponge with the pure water, and wipe it across the greasy spot.  Watch the grease disappear completely.  Wipe across the spot with a dry paper towel and notice how the glass surface becomes shiny and streak free.

For comparison, spray some Windex on a mirror and try polishing it clean.  You will have to rub repeatedly and vigorously to get the streaks off.  That is because Windex, while it breaks down hydrocarbons (such as are in grease fumes from cooking, and in cigarette smoke), it also contains alcohol, and that causes streaking.  It is ironic that the very product most people use to clean windows and mirrors actually makes it hard to clean them.  All you need for the job is pure water.

Saving Elbow Grease

Because of the cleaning power of pure water, you will not need expensive detergents and caustic chemicals for most of your household cleaning duties.  You will dramatically reduce the time it takes to do your cleaning tasks around the house.  You won't have to scrub shower walls or sink and tub fixtures.  Your glasses will be sparkling and crystal clear.  Your mirrors and windows will be clean and streak-free.  And you will be able to achieve that without a lot of "elbow grease".


The Luxury of Soft Water - A Virtually FREE Gift

Today I am offering the virtually free gift of virtual rainwater to others.  I am encouraged to do this by my memory of Grandma's silver hair lufting in the breeze and glinting in the sunshine. 

Luxuriant Softness.  Most of my past customers had no earthly idea what it is like to feel the luxury of being bathed in rainwater, having hair that is radiant and silken without expensive shampoos and creme rinses, and having skin that is satin-soft without expensive lotions.  So the experience I am gave them when I provided them with a Rainsoft water treatment system was is indeed a precious gift. They would have to have been reared on a farm 75 years ago to know the feeling, for in the past 75 years much has changed in lifestyle and environment to make a clean rainwater hair-washing unlikely if not impossible. Now they get that feeling with Rainsoft water.

Rainsoft Systems Are Virtually Free. The Rainsoft water treatment systems I  recommend remove impurities from the water, returning it back to what God meant it to be - crystal clear, clean, soft, pure, fresh, sinfully luxurious, and absolutely wet.  The systems are virtually free to own (and actually put money back in the pocket).  They yield an explosion of suds with pure soap, and produce soft skin, radiantly silky hair, spotless dishes and silverware, clean appliances, shiny bathtub and bathroom walls that need no scrubbing, delicious food and beverages, clothes that are clean and comfortable, and healthy tummies.

Rainsoft Systems Guaranteed for Your Lifetime.  Best of all, these water treatment systems are guaranteed for as long as you live, can be taken along when you move, and can be handed down from generation to generation as heirlooms, so everybody in the family can enjoy that beautiful, delicious elixir of life that is just like the rainwater of old.  They are not made by God in Heaven.  They are made by Americans in a high-technology factory in a western Chicago suburb.  So, they don't last forever, and they might someday need repairs.  But they should last the typical customer a lifetime.  And that is why Rainsoft itself backs the product with a lifetime factory warranty to the original owner on most of the parts in the system.

What Do You Mean by FREE?  When I say free, I mean there is a difference between price and cost.  When you purchase a Rainsoft system, you definitely pay a price for it.  However, you begin saving money immediately.  You buy no more expensive bottled water, expensive shampoos, lotions, rinses, conditioners, and detergents.  You use less soap than ever before because a single drop explodes into lather with Rainsoft water.  You buy no more Windex and other special cleaning agents, except perhaps to remove burnt food from the walls and racks of the oven.  Your appliances last longer.  Your clothing lasts longer.  Your plumbing and fixtures last longer. You save time and money scrubbing and cleaning because your bathroom and kitchen don't become encrusted with limestone deposits.  Your glasses, dishes, mirrors, and windows are easier to clean.   You use less tea, coffee, and other beverage mixes that require water because your soft water is actually wetter and draws out the rich flavors more easily than hard water.  You stay healthier because you don't have chlorine and other pollutants entering the water you use for showering, bathing, cooking and drinking. 

When you add all those savings up in housework, health, repairs, cleaning products, and beverage mixes, you may be able to so save so much money that your payment of the system is less than the savings.  I have found that to be true in many cases.

In addition to that, a Rainsoft dealer often runs special promotions for qualified prospects that entitle them to a 4-year supply of high-quality soap and cleaning products designed to work with soft water, high-pressure aerating shower heads, and a shopper's club that can save thousands of dollars on vacations, lodging, travel, appliances, sporting goods, electronic products, computers, and many other consumer items.  When these are added into your package (assuming you are qualified and a promotion is running), those can pay you back even more money.  In effect, your Rainsoft dealer will be paying you.

We all know there "ain't no free lunch", right?  Dealers are not giving you the system free.  They are charging you a fair price for it.  But they are using the buying power of a huge corporation to arrange such powerful values at reasonable prices that they can, in some cases, factor those into the price of the system and still be profitable.


Buy Now?  Why Not?

It costs you nothing to investigate the more closely the benefits of owning a Rainsoft water treatment system for your home or business.  Rainsoft manufactures full water treatment systems for all sizes and types of customers, including motor homes, boats, apartments and condominiums, single family residences, apartment buildings, restaurants, coffee shops, municipalities, and giant corporations.  Rainsoft also supplies reverse-osmosis bottled water, reverse-osmosis water coolers for offices, and hospital-grade air filtration systems for the home or office. 

If you contact me, I will arrange for a qualified professional marketing representative to visit your home or business and show you in person (with a portable water treatment system and water quality test kit) how wonderfully the Rainsoft system can save you money and make your life more enjoyable.  You will not be obligated to purchase anything, and in some cases the representative will be able to give you a free gift for taking your time to participate in the demonstration.

Or if you want to save time, you may notify me that you want an immediate price quotation for your home or business, and I will arrange for an order form to be sent to you with full details on the system you need.  Many people have in the past paid for a system by credit card or bank draft.  My only proviso for such purchases is that you are aware the system is sold with a performance guarantee only, and you waive your right to demand a refund so long as the product performs as advertised.  My reason for this requirement is that I do not want to deal with the messy and costly process of having to ship and install the  system, only to have it removed at customer whim.  And, of course, I do not want to trouble you.


Why You’ll LOVE Your RainSoft-Conditioned Water...

(What you'll say when people ask why you invested in a RainSoft Water Treatment System)

SAVES MONEY:  RainSoft water PROTECTS your budget

1. Saves on Soap Products - requires less soap and allows the use of affordable pure soaps

2. Saves on Water - eliminates the need for bottled water and expensive, cumbersome filters

3. Saves on Appliances & Plumbing - water appliances last longer, water heater is more efficient

4. Saves on Clothing - clothes last longer and are easier to care for

5. Saves on Beverages - use less coffee, tea, Kool-Aid, and juices

HEALTHIER:  RainSoft water DEFENDS your health

6. Clean Water reduces chemicals such as chlorine for the whole home

7. Drinking water filters help eliminate unwanted impurities from drinking and cooking water

8. Clean water improves the flavor, health, and appearance of foods and beverages

9. Clean water carries nutrients and disease-fighting antibodies to the body; helps control weight

CLEANER:  RainSoft water is a POWERFUL cleaning agent

10. Cleaner, softer, healthier Skin - reduces need for lotions and medications

11. Shinier, easier-to-manage Hair - reduces need for conditioners and expensive shampoos

12. Cleaner, Softer Clothes - no need for harsh chemicals that clog your machine and make you itch

13. Cleaner Home and Environment - no hard-water spots on mirrors & glass; less harsh cleaners

14. Dramatically Easier Cleaning - reduced soap-scum on shower walls, shower curtains, tubs, sinks

PROTECTS PLUMBING:  RainSoft water SAFEGUARDS water devices

15. Cleaner and longer-lasting - appliances, piping, and fixtures

16. Reduced clogging and calcium deposits - in washing machines, dishwashers, water heaters, coffee makers, faucets, fixtures, garbage disposals, showerheads, toilets, lavatories, tubs

BETTER FOR CLOTHING:  RainSoft water PRESERVES clothing, cheaply

17. Clothes are Cleaner - without the need for harsh detergents that make you itch

18. Clothes are Softer and more comfortable to wear - without expensive fabric softeners

19. Clothes Last Longer - heavy cycles and harsh chemical detergents won't break down fabrics


20. Saves Time - one-third less time for cleaning chores

21. Saves Energy & Consumables - use less soap and hot water

22. Saves Effort - no heavy, inconvenient water bottles to buy or carry; less scrubbing

A GREAT INVESTMENT: A RainSoft water system is FAMILY-smart

23. Your Wisest Household Investment - puts your money back into your home and family

24. Highest Yield - higher than any other household investment you can make

RAINSOFT IS DEPENDABLE: Quality Water from Quality People

25. Renews Your Faith in the American Way - marvelous value, fabulous warranty, ethical sales, professional installation, impeccable service … for a lifetime.

And you’ll have many more reasons…