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Rainsoft and This Web Site

Who Am I?  Why Am I Doing This?

Bob Hurt photo - see me at http://bobhurt.com.  Here I tell about bad water, nasty water, and Rainsoft water treatment systems.My name is Bob Hurt.  I have created this web site because I like good water and I appreciate Rainsoft Water Treatment Systems as being the best in the world.  I have used Rainsoft equipment for many years, and I love it.  I want to share my good feelings about Rainsoft and good water with you.  I want to help you understand why good water is important to you and how you can get it.   And, I want to help you with any water problems you might be having, including problems with equipment and dealers.

I am qualified to help you in this way for a variety of reasons. My brother, Norman Hurt served for 22 years as a Rainsoft dealer employee. He rose to become one the top Rainsoft equipment sales person in the world, and the working sales manager of the top RainSoft dealer in world.  We have shared much knowledge, insight, and understanding with one another over the years. Also, I became a Certified Water Quality Specialist, certified by the Water Quality Association of America.  I also sold for a Rainsoft distributor in west central Florida, where I now live.

I have never seen or known better water treatment systems for the money than Rainsoft.  So, I have created this web site as a tribute to Rainsoft and to Good water, and to help people with their water problems. 


Why Are You Here?  I Can Help...

You might be visiting this site because you found it in a web search engine and are looking for a solution to bad water.  Look no further.  You have found it.

You might be visiting because you had trouble with Rainsoft water treatment equipment or with a dealer of that equipment.  Look no further.  You have found a solution to your troubles.

This site is devoted to you, the Rainsoft customer or the citizen of the world, who is tired of bad water or bad water treatment system equipment and wants a solution that works.  If you have any questions or comments that are not answered here, email me immediately.  Just fill in and submit the form and I will help you with your problems.


Free, and...

Cost? I knew you were thinking of that.  This web site is free and so is my help.  I do not work for Rainsoft or a Rainsoft dealer.  I am independent of Rainsoft and have no connection to the company or its sales network except as a private individual ombudsman.  I am doing this for the joy of helping others.  If you happen to want to mail me a check or gift certificate to show your appreciation, send it to:
Bob Hurt, 2460 Persian Drive #70, Clearwater, FL 33763 USA.


Where to Go from Here

Now, I suggest you browse the pages of the site in the order shown in the above menu:
  1. Granny's Rain.  A story about the rain barrel from which Grandma Havard's took water to wash her hair back on the farm.
  2. Why Water is Bad. An explanation about the geologic conditions in central Florida and why they make your water bad for general household use.  Geology affects ground water in similar and different ways throughout the world.
  3. Your Solution to Water Quality Problems - an explanation of the components and system that cure your bad water problems, how the system produces water that improves your health and happiness in life, and how to go about owning your own system.
  4. Free Water Test.  As a gift to you, I will arrange a free water quality test for you.   
  5. Free Help.  This is another free gift to you.   If you have any problem at all with your water, a water treatment system, or a dealer of water treatment systems, you can email me directly for immediate FREE assistance and valuable advice.